DATE: Sat. May 19, 2018
TIME: 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
LOCATION: Blue Moon Ballroom
TICKET: $10 Early bird, $15 Regular

Often in school settings, proms and other “couple” events can be particularly isolating for LGBTQ+ youth.  Discrimination and marginalization come in many forms at these types of events whether its adherence to a strict dress code, extra fees to bring a date of the same-sex/gender, or simply not being allowed to attend. Additionally, transgender youth are frequently not permitted to dress in a gender-affirming manner. For these reasons and many more, the Harriet Hancock Center's Youth OUTLOUD program is holding the third annual Queer Youth Prom in South Carolina.


Help us achieve our goal of $2,000!  


Sponsorship Levels

$10 / A Ticket to Prom
Sponsor a student to attend prom and get a shout out on Facebook!

$25 / Ghost Couple + Gas
Sponsor a couple of partners (or pals) to go to prom! And a little extra gas money to get there. 

$50 / Corsage & Boutonniere    
Whether is two corsages, two boutonnieres, one of each, or none at all, this donation goes a long way in providing invaluable resources for our youth!

$100 / Dress and Matching Tie    
Many of our youth identify as trans or gender non-conforming youth, making the enforced (often binary) dress code of most proms a taxing experience. Your donation ensures a safe space for youth to be themselves.

$250 / Gay-Straight Alliance   
Sponsor an ENTIRE Gay-Straight Alliance in the Midlands to go to prom!

$333 / You're a Star!    
Literally! This year's theme is fairytale (Queerly Ever After), and your name will be listed amongst the golden star decorations as a sponsor.

$500 / Rainbow Disco Ball    
Not only are you GROOVY but you will receive a shout out on the dance floor. For a business this is an opportune time for promotion.

$1000 / Supernova!    
In addition to receiving the other forms of promotion, you will also be listed as an official SPONSOR for next year's Queer Prom.

The Team

The Queer Youth Prom Committee is comprised of young leaders from Youth OUTLOUD and different high schools throughout the Midlands area.  It is very important to us that youth-centered events are also youth-led, and we couldn't be more thankful for the amazing team that has come together to make this event possible.